I Got Plastic Surgery and Instantly Regret It...

Rebecca gets emotional when her best friends roast her. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo posted “Game Master Sent Us Back to Detention for 24 Hours.” Next Matt and Rebecca created “24 dares in 24 hours challenge.” Finally the Game Master Network created “Body Swap Reverse! Switching Matt and Maddie Back True Identity.” Now the Game Master wants the squad to have thick skin so Matt, Daniel and Maddie decide to surprise Rebecca with a roast. She thinks she is going on a date with her husband but its a giant trick. Thats when Rebecca decides to get plastic surgery. When Rebecca’s trip to the emergency room is over everyone is shocked. In order to get her to decide to reverse the surgery they must do what she says for 24 hours. Its a saying yes for 24 hour challenge. Do you think the squad will make this work or will they instantly regret it? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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    Daniel : I'll do anything for my wife- ME: WHAAAAA?- Sorry, haven't watched you in a very long time, so I got confused.

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    I never knew Mac Daniel and Maddie could be that rude to you Rebecca

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    Is it just me or dose Rebecca is kinda like Abby lee when maddie was doing the tiktok

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    12:49 the slap though 😂

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    Rebecca I know that you have black plastic Surgery and I just wanna say sorry that you have plastic surgery

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    She's going to call her ex mad apologize now or else she's going to call her ex

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    wow.. I haven’t heard Zam Fam in so long this channel was my whole childhood ❤️

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    @Pheonix_7789 they were never bad just a bit cringe.

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    Rebecca don,t worry every thing they said was not true you are perfect just the way you are.

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    dont try this but if you know you like to get thease but be carful

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    I can’t believe Matt and maddie and Daniel they were kinda mean to Rebecca even tho it was the game master😢

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    Matt Rebecca wanted to have a date with you but Rebecca is pranking you she didn,t get a plastic surgery. 😣🏧♿🚫

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