Going Through My EVIL TWINS Camera Roll to Reveal SECRETS | Rebecca Zamolo

Revealing her finsta was a bad idea. Rebecca Zamolo created "surprising my best friend with dream birthday in our house." Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "saying yes to my best friend for 24 hours challenge." Finally the Game Master Network made "last to leave the pirate ship wins at 3am." Now we have to decide if Rebecca and Maddie will reveal their secrets or if we go through Rebeccas twins camera roll. It is a boys vs girls challenge just like sis vs bro. Matt loses and his punishment is getting pushed into the freezing pool. While Rebecca and Maddie search Rebecca's twin camera roll for 24 hours Matt is trying to sabotage. The girls find snapchat, instagram filters and see that RZ twin knows how to upload her camera roll to snapchat. The snapchat filter was the funniest. Do you think the girls will find any clues or why her best friend twin sister is missing? Also we have a huge surprise for you today that Daniel is trying to keep a secret. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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